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Hey guys a lot of you all may know me already from this selfie image

where I’m happy. The truth is that was the only time for the longest time until recently. I noticed a majority of you aren’t the happiest either and I’d like to help change that. I’d like to be your favorite…

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The woman in the blue coat approached me by the United Nations building yesterday, and said: ‘There is an interesting man around the corner that you should photograph. I don’t know his name, but everyday he stands directly across from the UN, and says ‘God Bless You’ to everyone who walks past. I’ve always sort of viewed him as the conscience of the world.’'Let's go together,' I said, and she agreed to bring me to where he was standing. When we finally found the man, I asked for his photo, and he cheerfully agreed. But he pointed at a nearby wall:"Let’s take the photo under that scripture," he said.
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Please. Someone make this happen. Please.

no, seriously. this would be awesome. like, if the contestants are able go two months living under 100% biblical laws, then the producers will give them $30,000 each. 
but if the contestants break the rules, or back out of the show, then THEY have to donate 10,000 to a marriage equality organization.
at some point somebody is going to break a rule that, by biblical law, is punishable by stoning. so the rest of the contestants have to make the choice of forfeiting the contest, or stoning the person to death. if they stay, the producers have them arrested for attempted murder.  

It got better!
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oh shit



i’m so sorry but if you have “works at tumblr” on your facebook profile no hard feelings man but stay as far away from me as u possibly can


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